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The Aces Guide® is a pocket-sized book filled with high-resolution golf intelligence

  • Annotated hole maps with important distance measurements help golfers strategize for optimal shots and landing locations
  • Green Zone Intelligence™ shows golfers how the ball will roll when landing on the green and how to read and sink their putts
  • High-quality, durable materials with ample note space so golfers can easily record critical information about their rounds throughout the book

The Aces Guide® helps golfers before, during, and after rounds of golf

Elevate Your Course with the Aces Guide® Custom Sales Program

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  • Completely customized for your course
  • High-quality enriches your brand
  • Wholesale pricing and sponsorship models
  • Designed, printed, and bound in Minnesota
  • Direct personal service

From the unique front cover to the tips and tricks, we will tailor the Aces Guide just for your course

Check out testimonials about the Aces Guide®

Mike Minder – Lifelong Golfer & Small Business Owner

I am a lifelong golfer and a small business owner. I have a busy schedule, so one of my favorite things about the Aces Guide® is that it helps to improve the pace of play.

Aces Guide male user smiling at the practice green

The Aces Guide®  helps me to strategize and visualize my round well before I get to the golf course. I especially like the Green Zone Intelligence because the contours help me with shot placement and knowing how my putts will break. I recommend the Aces Guide® to anyone looking to elevate their golf game and have more fun.

Mark Petzold – Lifelong Golfer & Providence Academy Golf Coach

I am a lifelong golfer and a coach for the Minnesota High School Section Champion Providence Academy Girls Golf Team. This year our team was hungry to defend its Section Championship.

Providence Academy girls golf team championship

We were looking for ways to extend our competitive advantage and were delighted to find the Aces Guide®. We used the Aces Guide before, during, and after the Section Championship rounds.  The Aces Guide was especially helpful in preparing, communicating, and visualizing our strategy for the Championship.  Our team score improved by seven strokes from the previous year, and we won the Section Championship! I highly recommend the Aces Guide®, and we plan to use the Aces Guide® for years to come.

John Vo – Country Club Member and Small Business Owner

Golf is one of my great passions in life, but unfortunately, I cannot golf as much as I want to because of my busy schedule. 

Super smiling Aces Guide user at a PGA event

The Aces Guide® is the best golf course guide I have ever seen because it helps me enjoy the rounds I get to play even more.  I especially like the Green Zone Intelligence and green contours because it allows me to start with the end in mind.  The Aces Guide®, as Tiger Woods would say, helps me to play the hole from the green backward.  I highly recommend the Aces Guide® to all golfers. 

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