Golforamic® 360 Turf Intelligence

The Unbeatable Turf Intelligence of Champions

Golforamic® 360 Delivers Turf Intelligence That Matters

We know that you are busy, so we make it easy, Golforamic® 360 is FULL SERVICE!

Comprehensive Oversight (High-Resolution Topographical Maps)

Precision Topographical Vision (Green and Full Course Contour Maps)

Know Before Take Early Action (Multispectral Turf Health Analysis)

Easy To Use And Share (Superintendent Briefing Packets)

We designed Golforamic® 360 to help you protect golf’s largest and most valuable asset, ITS TURF!

Can you spot the Poa Annua in the imagery below?

Golforamic® 360 gives you insights that are not visible to the human eye

We make it easy with Golforamic® 360 Season Pass options

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  • Customized for your turf program
  • Seasonally timed turf intelligence
  • Direct personal service
  • Technology support
  • Valuable agronomic insights

Elevate Your Season with Golforamic® 360 Turf Intelligence

Check out what superindents say about Golforamic® 360 Turf Intelligence

I am a huge fan of Golforamic® 360.  It is the future of golf course management.  Golforamic® 360 provides powerful intelligence about the golf course and makes it easy to understand what the data means, giving us what we’d need to make the right decisions and track progress over time.  On top of that, HCI delivers an exceptional customer service experience; they show they really care about me and my club.

Kurt Wacker – Medina Golf and Country Club Superintendent ’21

Reserve your Golforamic® 360 Season Pass TODAY!

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