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Digital illustration of 'The Aces Guide' magazine cover featuring a picturesque golf course with rolling hills, blue water hazards, and a grand clubhouse under a sunny sky. The title 'Aces Guide' is prominently displayed with a placeholder text 'Your Brand Here'. The HCI logo is subtly positioned at the bottom.

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Typical Aces Guide User Demographics

Infographic displaying 'Typical Aces Guide User Demographics'. Four circular icons illustrate the predominant characteristics of the readership: a figure at a podium representing 'Top Employment', dollar bills symbolizing 'Spend Money', a stack of cash indicating 'High Net Worth', and a house icon for 'Property Owners'. Each icon is encircled with a red band.
  • Top Employment: Our readers are leaders in their fields, making decisions both on and off the course.
  • Spend Money: From the latest trends to gourmet dining, golfers indulge in life’s luxuries.
  • High Net Worth: With substantial purchasing power, our audience invests in quality, both in play and in life.
  • Property Owners: Beyond the greens, they value home comforts and are keen on real estate opportunities.

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  • Tailored Packages: From the expansive full page to the succinct quarter page, we’ve crafted options to spotlight your brand in the best possible light.
  • Diverse Engagement: Whether your sights are set on a specific course or a broad spectrum, we offer both single-course and multi-course sponsorships tailored to your engagement strategy.
  • Exclusive Reach: Partner with Aces Guide and tap into an exclusive community of passionate golfers, guaranteeing your brand resonates with an affluent audience.
  • Your Next Step: Our collaboration doesn’t stop at predefined tiers. Reach out and let’s craft a bespoke sponsorship journey, elevating your brand to new heights in the golfing world.

Aces Guide Metrics That Matter

Numbers That Narrate Success

Aces Insights: Quantifying Brand Impact

  • 🏌️‍♂️ Game Changer: 90% of golfers reported an improved game strategy with Aces Guide.
  • 💼 Stellar Retention: We’re not just a fleeting phase. With an 85% retention rate, golfers have integrated Aces Guide as a staple in their routine.
  • 🔍 Enduring Engagement: The Aces Guide isn’t a one-off tool. It’s consulted multiple times over extended periods, ensuring our sponsors’ messages resonate long-term.
  • 🚀 Boosted Brand Recall: Our partners have experienced up to a 40% surge in brand recall among Aces Guide users.
  • 💰 Unbeatable ROI: Brands have witnessed up to $3 in earned media value for every dollar spent on sponsorship with us.

Partner Spotlight: Chemex – Excellence in Every Drop

Chemex and Aces Guide: A Synergy of Precision and Quality

The right side of the image showcases two advertisements for Chemex:

Top Advertisement: The scene is of a person, possibly on a balcony or terrace, overlooking a picturesque landscape with a water body and greenery. They are preparing coffee using the Chemex coffeemaker, suggesting a moment of relaxation before or after a golf game. The tagline reads, "PREPARE TO WIN". Accompanying text states: "When it comes to optimal performance, the Aces Guide and CHEMEX® coffeemakers are the tools for experience enhanced. From grind function to combine, the CHEMEX® Ottomatic® coffeemaker is at the top of its game. Enjoy perfectly brewed coffee with the touch of a button."

Bottom Advertisement: This ad features a golfer in mid-swing, highlighting the connection between golf and Chemex. The caption reads, "Your round starts here." The Chemex logo is prominently displayed at the bottom, emphasizing the brand's association with the refined lifestyle of golf enthusiasts.

Both ads emphasize the synergy between precision in golf and the meticulous process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee with Chemex, appealing to a discerning audience that values both.

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Promotional poster for HCI's 'Aces Guide.' The image showcases a pristine golf course at sunset, with golden rays illuminating a lush green, surrounded by sand bunkers, with the backdrop of a serene ocean horizon. The title, 'Introducing HCI's: Unbeatable Golf Course Guide Book,' is prominently displayed at the top. In the center, a bold 'Aces Guide' text stands out, followed by the tagline 'Ace Your Round and Have More Fun!' At the bottom left corner is the HCI logo, and at the bottom center, there's a reference to 'Golforamic 360' and the website ''
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